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Welcome babes! My name is Tawny Michelle & I am an Intuitive Guide, Teacher, Tarologist (Tarot Reader), Channeler, Shadow Worker and a self taught Astrologer and Reader. I have read thousands of birth charts and have been practicing the art of Shadow Work, Tarot and Astrology for almost 5 years. My goal is to teach & help others find themselves, their inner power and heal. I do not teach "self help" mechanisms or "new age" topics. I am dedicated to true spirituality which to me, is about integration, authenticity & the connection to your own inner compass & spirit. To learn more about me, visit the "About" section.


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Testimonials & Reviews from Real People

"Tawny is absolutely amazing. She is very personable and has a truly amazing gift. Its honestly insane how on point she had been in her live readings so I decided to do a private reading. Mind. Blown. 
She has a gift, and loves to share that with the world. Grateful to have stumbled upon her in this giant world of social media."-Nicole