About Tawny Michelle


Not Your Average Spiritual Chick..

Whats up! My name is Tawny Michelle. In this life I have lived enough for many lifetimes. I have not had an easy life. There was always something inside of me yearning for some higher meaning or purpose. I have been to hell, more than once. And not your average religious fiery, "little guy with horns" kind of hell.. hell on earth. My point in sharing this with you is for you to understand that I know how insanely chaotic and painful life can feel at times. Transformation is my deepest passion and thats because of my own transformational journey.

Our experience and story is what makes us different and who we are today. There can be no light without darkness. Integration, spirituality, enlightenment, astrology and consciousness has helped me find my soul again. I don't call myself a "light worker", because like I said, we have to face darkness in life, thats apart of it. I work with integration of both the light and dark.

I'm a recovering addict, I used to suffer from chronic severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse of many kinds, physical, spiritual and emotional death of myself many times, been prescribed almost any medication you think of but still, was so so lost for so long. 

I've been learning about astrology since I was young but have been practicing astrology for almost 5 years now. I am a self taught astrologer, tarot card reader and a guide to help others learn how to heal themselves and find their power.  

My goal is to help others find their own inner power within themselves. To assist others in understanding their true potential while also assisting with life and their spiritual journey. Aligning myself changed my life, it changed ME, my thinking, my outlook, and most of all, gave me peace within and without. You can achieve that too. If I could, as hopeless as I used to feel, as many times as I should've died completely, you can too. It's never too late to be reborn from the ashes. 

I'm not religious, I am a free spirit. Let's Grow Together.

Tawny Michelle