About Tawny Michelle


Hey I'm Tawny Michelle. I'm an Astrologer & read the language of the stars, make horoscopes and predictions on social media, mainly Youtube, do personal readings to help guide others, teach on Patreon and I also make worldly predictions based on astrology. I would've never guessed I would've grown up to be an Astrologer hippie on the internet who's deeply passionate about all things spiritual but here we are.

My life has been pretty chaotic, I've experienced a lot of the darker aspects of life at a young age as someone who used to struggle with depression, addiction and tons of trauma. All this lead to me dying and being reborn, quite literally. Transformation is my deepest passion and thats because of my own transformational journey.

Our experience and story is what makes us different and who we are today. There can be no light without darkness. Integration, spirituality, enlightenment & astrology is why I am alive today & also what I'm dedicated to now.  

I've been learning about astrology since I was young but have been practicing astrology for 5 years now. I am a self taught astrologer, tarot reader and a human who helps others learn how to heal themselves and find their own power but I remain a student of life.  

Finding myself changed my life, it changed ME, my thinking, my outlook, and most of all, showed me just how powerful I am, and that we ALL are. It's never too late to be reborn from the ashes. 

I'm not religious, I am a free spirit. Let's Grow Together.

Tawny Michelle