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Lets Evolve Together


   I now have ONE Workshop & TWO Courses you can choose from! My current Workshop "Metamorphosis" is a 3 month intensive online workshop where we are doing deep Soul Work, Shadow Work and Healing on ourselves to uncover and embrace our own power! You can learn more on the Metamorphosis page!

In April 2020 I started an online Intuitive Tarot Course all about using & understanding your intuition to read Tarot. This Course has ended but the Course has been recorded so if you'd like to purchase the saved recorded lessons please contact me via email. The other course I offer is "Soulology" (dedicated to spirituality & spiritual alignment) has also ended but you can still purchase the full course which includes over 20 hours of content on various different spiritual, philosophical & occult topics, information and exercises to open your mind, look at the world in a new way and start living a more spiritually aligned life! It's a journey of the Soul. You can learn more about these courses, what they entail and more via the buttons above to determine if they'd be right for you! 

Both Courses were done in a group setting but are saved & recorded so if you purchase the courses you will be taking it on your own during your own time.  

Each course is dedicated to spirituality, consciousness & enlightenment but through different outlets! I ask that if you do sign up for a course that you have a true desire & willingness to learn, evolve & be open minded! Please select the course buttons above to learn more! 



Have you checked out the dedicated pages to each course yet? Please only contact Tawny Michelle if you've already done so because most questions should be answered on the dedicated pages (buttons above) for each course! If you have done so and still have questions, feel free to fill out the contact form & Tawny will get back with you within 24 hours!