3 Month Intensive Workshop

Transform Yourself, Your Life

& Embrace your Power

Image by Dương Trần Quốc

Started October 2020

*You can still sign up! All Sessions are recorded

   In my new 3 month intensive Workshop, Metamorphosis, we will be doing a deep internal transformation with the end result of embracing the power within and life changing healing. This workshop is a deep dive into the internal darkness that we have been carrying with us for years to transform, integrate and most of all, heal. This Workshop will last 3 months and we will meet once a week. Most of the time we will meet on zoom and live. This Workshop will target those in a general way but also in a personal way as there will always be room for questions and some sessions will involve us working one on one together but in a group setting. Which leads me to the group! 

   We will be taking this as a tribe together going on this journey with one another and transforming ourselves and lives together every step of the way! You are able to interact with other members as we do the inner work and healing on ourselves for support and love through this process. You will hear stories similar to your own and develop relationships with those in the group. 

   All you need for this course is a notebook or journal for your Metamorphosis Journal (Shadow Journal) to document your personal journey and to do reflective exercises that will help you get closer to yourself. The last thing you will need is bravery as this is not an easy journey to take but it can change your life in ways you may have never thought possible. Healing is not easy but it is liberating and always worth it! 

This workshop will include using my own healing experiences to guide you, along with shadow work, ego work, psychological work emotional work, energy work and body work. By the end of it you will also have the tools to heal yourself and deal with the ups and downs of life in a totally new way. You will learn how to be an alchemist of your own self and life. You will become your own best friend. We're in this together!

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Patreon is a platform that allows me to offer exclusive content and rewards for monthly memberships! The highest 3 monthly memberships will be the memberships that gain access to the online Metamorphosis Workshop! Remember, you can cancel at anytime!



"Free Spirit" Membership $15 Per Month- The $15 Membership is the most affordable membership that will receive the Workshop on Patreon! You will also receive access to the private Facebook group for Workshop members to share our journeys and interact with each other! This membership will also receive other lower level rewards on Patreon for becoming a member (i.e. New & Full Moon rituals and spells, horoscopes, readings etc). 

"The Magician" $25 Per Month- The Magician Membership will receive access to the Workshop, including access to the private Metamorphosis facebook group to interact with other members while we take this journey together! You may also receive some exclusive content that lower memberships do not. The $25 members also get access to other lower Patreon rewards as well!

"The High Priestess" Membership $40 Per Month- The High Priestess Members get the Workshop plus everything mentioned in the previous Memberships plus some! As a High Priestess Member, you not only gain everything mentioned in the "Magician"-$25 Membership, but you also get a monthly live astrology reading where you can ask any question about your chart AND extra exclusive content.