September Astrology & Virgo Season

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

What is Virgo Season?

As we are shifting out of the fiery steamy passion & self expressive Leo Season, we are now entering into the more practical, realistic and hard working Virgo Season. This September is not any normal September though, as we are starting it off with a bang of a martian, venusian and mercurial, Virgo-licious energy bundle! More on that in a sec!

Virgo is the season that starts transitioning us from Summer and into fall. It's that smooth transition of the earth dying and being reborn again (the following year in the spring). Virgo Season is what starts the death process and as Venus passes the Sun in the sky right before Virgo Season, she enters into the "Shadow World" of the zodiac. Venus is now transitioning and looking for a more dark, internal and wise sense of beauty, pleasure and attraction. As she becomes the Evening Star rather than the care free, playful and youthful-like Morning Star. I will be talking more about Venus and her dark & light sides of beauty next month and on my Patreon for my Soulology Online Course!

The Underworld of the Zodiac starts the end of September when we get into Libra, but Virgo is that last transition and those final changes before we arrive there. Virgo makes sure the harvest is good and will lasts us through the Winter. This is where the normal "hard working", "service to others" and "analytical" Virgo generalizations come from along with the Greek Mythology of story of the Goddess Astraea, Perephone' and Pandoras box, but we wont get into all that now!

What Can You Expect From September 2019?

Virgo is a mutable earth sign which means Virgo knows how to work with & what to do with the different tools of the earth. Virgo is about the details after all, and using this earthly energy and these earthly tools to practice, serve and develop a routine. It's time for us to incorporate the love, passion, creativity and self will/power that we were taught in Leo Season, and bring it to our everyday lives. To bring it out in the smaller areas and details of our lives, to show it in the everyday moments, to show it through service and self care. August gave us the strength and courage to worry about ourselves, to be true to ourselves and look at what our hearts truly want in order to bring joy into our lives. September is about taking that joy, taking that authenticity and love, and intertwining it into even the smallest moments of our lives. Making a routine out of it, bringing it into our workplace, using it to overcome the challenges of our everyday lives, and not losing it but making it better, wiser and stronger.

If you've been working hard the last few months to heal, to work towards a more authentic and pure life, to leave behind aspects in your life that may have not been aligned with you anymore, then Virgo Season could very well bring a lot of payoff for you. September will give you the tools you need to perfect your craft, to work hard on the passion and new life you have found, to develop a routine out of the self love and creativity you have found and to also give it away with a special humble and loving attitude towards everything and everyone.

Things could start to make sense this month as we may find ourselves having to make final decisions in order to truly manifest our purpose. Virgo brings that sense of purpose to the table but you may have to add or subtract some things still, in order to work towards physically bringing that purpose into your life more and more.

With Virgo, it is extremely important though, to keep that attention on yourself that Leo showed us and to not give your power away. Showing love to others and also taking care of yourself is possible! Yes, Virgo season can be busy as we are perfecting our craft, getting ready for Fall and Winter, worrying about others, trying to fix and repair things but it's important to have a new routine for you. To take small moments everyday to yourself as well. One cannot care for others properly without taking care of self first.

The Virgo New Moon

The Virgo new moon happens on August 30th 2019 (depending on where you're at in the world) and will be conjunct Mars and Mercury with Venus very close by as well. If you have any personal planets at he first 12 degrees of Virgo, you will be feeling this New Moon the most. In my opinion, this Virgo New Moon is a big push forward with Mars being so close by. This could be some kind of news for some people, a "big bang" forward, a brand new shift, clean slate, or even just the motivation to do something you may have been putting off for a long time. The Mars energy right next to this New Moon is hyper-charging it. The negative side effects of this or the negative effects of this September in general, is that some could feel edgy, or get too caught up in the perfection "fixer" aspect of this energy. Getting easily annoyed with people could come up as well along with worrying or being too analytical.

The Key to this month is SELF CARE. It's important to not let that fire that was found in Leo season, burn out or give it away completely. Keep some for yourself. Develop a routine for yourself and you will get through this easier! I may write another blog on ways to practice self care daily for those that may be in a time crunch. Like this post or comment if you'd be interested! I'll also be doing a Virgo New Moon Ritual on my Patreon Facebook page, for Patreon Members.

Depending on your own natal chart, this could play out in many different ways. If you'd like more information for this may play out specifically for you, please feel free to book a Monthly Astrology Reading with me!

Pisces Full Moon

On September 14th, we have a pretty gnarly Full Moon in Pisces that will be almost conjunct, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith. This to me is a major "rose colored glasses being ripped off" kind of moment. For some, this could be some sort of reality check along with possible decisions. I think this may be a culmination point of something we weren't able to see clearly for so long, that is now illuminated for us. This could involve our beliefs, spirituality, relationships, hidden situations coming to light, an intense need to change something or escape. Mars will be exactly opposing Neptune as well as Venus and Mercury will both be conjunct and stepping into Libra, the sign of relationships, partnerships, decisions and balance.

It's very important to remember during this time, that you may not be seeing things 100% clearly yet. There may be a feeling of low energy or discouragement. You may find that even your best efforts aren't really giving you the satisfaction they normally would. You may be deceived by someone or have intense desires to do something out of touch with reality. It's important that you really try to hold off on making any big decisions if you can help it at this time, especially decisions when it comes to physical assertion or competition. It's better to stick to yourself and find some kind of creative outlet while this passes. Remember, this energy wont lasts forever. The affects may even be felt up to a week before the 14th. Depending on your own natal chart, this could play out in many different ways. If you'd like more information for this may play out specifically for you, please feel free to book a Monthly Astrology Reading with me!