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   Welcome to Soulology! Soulology is an online course designed to transform your life in many ways. This course will help open your mind and teach you about different spiritual, philosophical & occult knowledge & more to help you align with your spirit! Soulology is perfect for those just beginning their spiritual journeys, those that may have already begun but are lost on whats next, or even those just looking to learn & evolve more spiritually!

We are all here on this Earth, to learn and evolve as humans and souls, which means we all will face challenges while we are on our journeys. The lessons we are here to learn or unlearn is something that CAN'T be avoided unfortunately. But it can be more comforting to achieve meaning, purpose, healing and spiritual growth! It IS possible to live a more balanced, peaceful and aligned life. It IS possible to overcome that vicious circle of loneliness, confusion and feeling as if our wiring just wasn't made correctly for this world! Even if you're already on a spiritual journey and just want to learn more, this will work for you too!

I will be sharing with you, the many different secrets, tips, tricks and techniques that I have found to be successful in my own life & others, and not

only that, but completely change my life beyond my wildest dreams. Of course I am still learning as well, and no where near perfect, but that is the point! Imperfectly perfect is the best. I wouldn't ask you to do something that I wouldn't do or haven't done as well! 

I am hoping you find what you're looking for and so much more whether it's with Soulology or somewhere else! Whether you're returning or brand spankin new, you are so much more powerful than you realize! In Soulology, you will learn so much about how to truly align with your authentic self!  

-Tawny Michelle


Examples of What You'll Learn!

  • Ego Work

  • Duality/Polarity

  • Balance

  • Belief Systems

  • Self Love

  • Fear

  • Surrender

  • Spiritual Tools

  • Manifestation

  • Soul Alignment

  • Enlightenment

  • Intensive Shadow Work

  • Astrology Basics

  • Centering

  • Awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Soul Work

  • Authenticity

  • Love

  • Spiritual Foundation

  • 2020 Prep

  • Conciousness

  • Yin & Yang

  • And Much More

How to sign up & More

The Soulology Course has been archived & is no longer happening live BUT is still available for purchase! You will get a special discount since the course has ended but you will still receive all the sessions & discussions which includes over 20 HOURS of content! Once you pay you will receive an email with link to the private playlist of the Soulology Course within 24 hrs! This link is private so please do not share it with anyone and keep it to yourself! The Soulology Course is NON refundable so please keep that in mind if you purchase. Please also keep in mind that the course was originally done in a group setting, week by week and discussions were live. Since it is now over, this will be a course you will purchase to do on your own time & pace.

Buy Full Soulology Course

Shadow Work Lessons Only

You can now just purchase the Shadow Work Series of Lessons from the Soulology Course! You will receive all the lessons & live discussions, 9 total, from the Shadow Work Journey we took when the course was live! All Lessons & Live Discussions have been archived for your convenience & added to a private Youtube playlist that you will receive after purchasing! Please give at least 24hrs (at most) to receive the link via email. Please do not purchase this if you purchase the full course, as you will receive this as part of the full Soulology Course.