Terms & Conditions

By booking a service with Tawny Michelle Tarology, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

  1. You agree to be contacted via Skype or email by Tawny Michelle on the scheduled day & time of your service.

  2. There are NO refunds. 

  3. Tawny Michelle is not responsible for any of your decisions or actions during the service or after the service and is not liable.

  4. Do not request a service for SERIOUS life or life threatening issues (i.e. Health, major life decisions etc.), please consult the correct professionals for times of crisis. Tawny Michelle does NOT do readings for health.

  5. Tawny Michelle requires respect at all times, and if there is disrespect or ill intentions, she can deny readings and end readings at her discretion.

  6. By law, these readings are for "entertainment purposes" and should not be used to make any big life changing or altering decisions. 

  7. Readings can only be recorded by Tawny Michelle or at Tawny Michelle's discretion. Services cannot be shared with anyone other than client, and are protected by law only for client's use and cannot be shared on any public platform.

  8. Any information that you give for a service or during a service with Tawny Michelle Tarology, is private and confidential and will not be used again outside of the service. Tawny Michelle does have a partner (significant other), that does participate in some of the Astrology Service's which is always disclosed. This happens to give more info to the client as Tawny Michelle & her Partner both practice astrology.

  9. Tawny Michelle is a SELF TAUGHT astrologer and tarot card reader and did not gain any educational certificates or schooling for either craft. Tawny Michelle has practiced astrology & tarot for 5+ years. 

  10. Services must be scheduled, booked and paid for in advance, at least 48+ hours before the scheduled service.

  11. Rescheduling is only allowed in emergencies and must be done 24+ hours in advance of the service. Client is only allowed ONE time to reschedule. The reasoning of this is because the services take work and time to prepare for, and when you book a day and time, you are taking that day and time off of the schedule for someone else, so please make sure you are available at the day and time you schedule your service. 

  12. If you schedule a Skype Reading with Tawny Michelle, and don't answer, Tawny Michelle will try to reach out to you via your contact email. If you don't respond within 5-10mins, Tawny Michelle can deny the Skype reading and offer you a prerecorded reading instead if availability is limited. 

FAQ // How Services Work

What Services Do You Offer? Tawny Michelle Tarology offers personal Astrology, Spiritual & Tarot Services that can be found on the "services" page. To book a specific personal service with Tawny Michelle, you can visit the"book services" page. 

How Do You Do The Services? All Services are done through either Skype or Zoom ONLY, besides the Prerecorded Tarot Reading. You have the option to record the reading during the call.

Skype & Zoom Readings, How Do They Work? Skype & Zoom is easy and free to download on any device. Once you book your reading, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to add Tawny Michelle on skype or Zoom. This must be done AT LEAST 24 hours before your reading or else your reading may be canceled as Tawny Michelle will have no way to call you for your reading. Once you download Skype or Zoom you must search for tawnymichelleyt@gmail.com, click on the contact and send a message explaining who you are so Tawny Michelle can match your profile to you and contact you for your reading. 

Do I Need to Prepare for My Reading? Yes you can! You can prepare by being in quiet place with no distractions and making sure your internet connection and electronics are working properly. You're free to have a pen and paper to take notes on what you feel is important but you can also record the call so you don't have to take notes if you'd like. Also please try to be in a relaxed, calm state, let go of your expectations and try to stay open minded so you will receive what is meant for you most. Yes, Tawny Michelle is the one pulling the cards and reading the chart, but your intuition also plays a part. Tawny Michelle pulls in your energy when doing all readings, your energy is important. Tawny Michelle is just there to help you interpret it. 

Have More Questions? Contact Tawny Michelle Here